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It may still be a while until the next "normal" Finland holidays can take place. Until then we recommend to broaden your Finland-Know How and practice Finnish intensively. The following vocabulary is inspired by some wonderful summer holiday weeks spent in Finland in July 2020. Regardless of all summer feelings, there are - of course - also some “icy” terms included in the vocabulary … after all, Finland remains the ice queen par excellence …

Auroras Borealis (revontulet) > Northern Lights are lighting effects consisting of dancing, colourful and changing patterns in the night sky. Mostly seen in Lapland during the winter.

Baari > Pub is the place where average Finns like to meet and talk and improve the world.

Canth > Minna Canth 19.3.1844 - 12.5.1897 was an important Finnish writer and journalist. She renewed and refreshed Finnish literature through European thought and culture.

Dumle > Chocolate-covered toffee marketed and manufactured by Fazer.

Erämaa > Wildland. In Finnish Lapland you can walk for days without meeting a single person.

Fiskars > A small beautiful former bruk village, now part of the town of Raseborg, in western Uusimaa, Finland. 

Grillimakkara > Sausage to grill. Finns love to grill during the summer time.

Hilla > Cloudberry. Golden berries from the moorland.

Ilo > Joy. Finns are a joyful folk, when you get to know them.

Joutsen > Swan. The national bird Finlands.

Koivu > Birch. Next to pine and fir, one of the most common tree species Finlands.

Latu > Cross country ski track.

Mökki > Summer cottage. An own place to live in summer without too many comforts. Dream of (almost) every Finn.

Nokipannukahvi > Coffee by the campfire.

Otso > Nickname for the king of the forest, bear.

Pulla > traditional sweet raised pastry.

Qtamo > Moonlight. (Correct writing style “Kuutamo”).

Ruska > Term for the colourful leaves and plants in autumn. The best ruska will be seen in Lapland.

Sauna > Sauna.

Talvi > Winter.

Ulkoilma > Outdoor air. The air is fresh and good to breathe everywhere in Finland.

Vesi > Water. There are 70 000 small lakes in Finland. > Swiss online store with Finnish roots.

Xylitoli > Xylitol. A tooth-friendly type of sugar from nature e.g. from birch trees. The first chewing gums and sweets with xylitol flavour were invented at the University of Turku in Finland in the 1970s.

Ystävyys > Friendship. Finns are true friends.

Zirkoni > Zircon. It is a mineral belonging to the group of Nesosilicates. Zircons, the oldest material preserved on Earth, have played very important role to unravel the evolution of Finnish bedrock.

Åbo > The oldest city Finlands. (Åbo  = Turku).

Äiti > Mother. Despite its difficult pronunciation (for the foreigners), this word has been chosen several times one the most beautiful Finnish words.

Ötökkä > General term for insects like mosquitos (which can be VERY annoying during the summer time).

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