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Broderie d'art "Cinnamon Stick Swing"

CHF 70,00
* incluse frais d'expédition, plus d'info voir CGV .

OFFRANT TIERS: Annika Karisto, Brugg, Suisse

Material: Coton, Laine, Cadre en bois
Diamètre 24 cm

Heure de livraison: 2-3 Tage

A unique work of art in embroidery is created by combining needle felting, stitching and natural materials. Front side is made of knitted wool fabric. Back is cotton fabric. Round wooden frame with diameter 24 cm. 

Finnish based craft teacher Annika Karisto lives now in Switzerland. Embroidery, needle felting or painting: Annika loves to do with her hands. Nature and its beauty have always been a spring of inspiration for her, for which reason her lovely fresh label is also called "Kaunokki" (in english "beauty"). 

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