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Cardigan "Frost Grey" pour enfants de laine de mérinos

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OFFRANT: Reeta Nagel, Zurich, Suisse

Matière 100% laine de mérinos
Tailles: 100/120, 130/150 cm

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Cardigan "Frost Grey" from the Finnish brand LUMOAN warms during all seasons. Once you have put on this beautiful soft merino wool jacket, you will probably never want to take it off again! The jacket for children is available in two sizes (cm 100/120 and cm 130/150); thanks to the comfortable loose cut, the garment can be worn longer with a child. The length is also sufficient for older children, the sleeves are simply shorter to fold.

The merino wool is soft and does not scratch, making the product suitable for sensitive users. The mulesing-free material complies with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Wash by hand if necessary. Carefully squeeze out the remaining water in the garment (do not twist!). Lay out on a smooth surface to dry. Iron from the left. Designed and manufactured in Siikainen, Finland.

Regular airing keeps wool garments fresh for a long time. Possible fluff from valuable wool pieces can be removed effectively and gently with a wool comb.

                                       100/120      130/150    

The chest length cm            35               40

The length of cardigan cm   56               68             


At LUMOAN, timeless and personal products are manufactured according to the Slow Fashion principle, the collections do not change with every trend. The products are made for customers, but they have to appeal completely to the eye of the design team. The business partners are carefully selected and all must work according to the same ethical and ecological principles. The clothes are manufactured in Portugal, Finland and Estonia. 

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