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Fleur de bois

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OFFRANT: Reeta Nagel, Frauenfeld, Suisse

Matière 100% Bouleau
Hauteur 25 cm

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Heure de livraison: 2-3 Tage

The wooden flower made of birch plywood from the Finnish brand PUINE. The height of the flower 25 cm. There are 6 different variants of the flower shape. The width of the flower varies according to the shape of the flower. The material is treated with wood wax. The product was manufactured in Finland. These beautiful simple flowers last forever. They can be mixed with real flowers or used alone for decoration.

Small goods and decorations made of birch plywood give your home furnishings a natural "touch". They are also great gifts.

PUINE is a Finnish company that manufactures small goods and decorations in Finnish birch plywood. Small goods and decorations in birch plywood give a natural "touch" to your home. PUINE is committed to a healthy environment: That's why only local birch wood is used and processed locally. Only environmentally friendly products are used for wood treatment. No plastic is used and the packaging material is reused whenever possible. All products are manufactured in Lahti, Finland.

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