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OFFRANT: Reeta Nagel, Frauenfeld, Suisse

Avec la slackline, vous pouvez aller partout où vous pouvez l'attacher. Vous aurez peut-être besoin d'un peu de soutien au début, mais vous vous y ferez vite.

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With the slackline, you can go anywhere you can strap it on. Slacklining is like riding a bike - you might need a little support at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

Slacklining is an exciting way to move because the only limit is your own imagination, and you can determine the level of difficulty yourself. The slackline consists of two parts: a 1.5-metre strap with a loop and a ratchet and a 13-metre strap with a loop. The loops are sewn on with additional fasteners. The weight limit of the slackline is 200 kg.

The slackline available from us is fully compatible with professional products. The only difference is that our product is made in Finland and is cheaper. The slackline we sell is made in the own production facility in Lempäälä from high quality and non-toxic materials.

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