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Poupée noir-blanc 40 cm - upcycled

CHF 58,00
* incluse frais d'expédition, plus d'info voir CGV .

OFFRANT: Reeta Nagel, Frauenfeld, Suisse

Cette poupée vous invite à jouer librement. Fabriquée avec amour à partir de restes de laine, de coton et de viscose. Hauteur 40 cm, remplie de fibre polyester creuse, lavable à 30 degrés.

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Heure de livraison: 2-3 Tage

The doll comes to you without a name, as a blank canvas, as a blank page. It accepts what you see in it and looks forward to the adventures it may experience with you. Together you write your story.

Each UMGENÄHT doll is made of different fabrics such as wool, cotton, viscose and many more. She is 40cm tall, filled with hollow polyester fibre and washable at 30 degrees. It has been lovingly and beautifully upcycled in Kosovo. 

The doll is popular with children of all ages and invites them to play freely. She accompanies you and is unconditionally there for you when you explore the world together. She takes a place in your heart and will live there forever.

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