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CUP OF THERAPY Poster A3 "What Do I Want From My Life"

CHF 19,00
* incluse frais d'expédition, plus d'info voir CGV .

OFFRANT: Reeta Nagel, Frauenfeld, Suisse

Poster A3 avec un motif qui incite à la réflexion par CupOfTherapy. Fond blanc vierge. S'adapte parfaitement à la barre d'affichage magnétique Papurino 31 cm, également disponible chez nous.

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CupOfTherapy poster from Finland. The summery, relaxed motif alone cheers everyone up :-)
The Cup of Therapy concept has been developed by psychotherapy professionals Antti Ervasti and Elina Rehmonen and realised with internationally acclaimed illustrator and graphic designer Matti Pikkujämsä. The animal figure illustrations promote well-being and mental health; they convey encouragement, comfort and humour. Cup-of-Therapy products are designed to address difficult and sensitive issues and situations.
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