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Affiche "Dream big little one"

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OFFRANT TIERS: Claudine Cornu, Affoltern am Albis, Suisse

Le poster avec le motif du renard endormi est disponible dans les formats A3, A4 et A6. Matériau: Papier naturel 200mg.

Heure de livraison: 2-3 Tage

The poster with the sleepy fox motif from the MONTSCHITSCHI brand is available in sizes A3, A4 and A6. The motif is printed on 200 mg thick natural paper. The original artwork was painted on paper with watercolours and then digitised.

Under the label MONTSCHITSCHI Claudine Cornu illustrates postcards and posters with animal motifs. The motifs are all created with watercolours and are then digitalised. The inspiration lurks above all in nature: Claudine is fascinated by capturing the appearance and expression of animals and reproducing them in delicate watercolour paintings. She wants to capture the diversity and special character of the various motifs and bring them into living rooms, children's rooms and people's hearts.

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