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MUM'S Rattan mini table "Queen Of Good Hearts"

CHF 845,00
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OFFRANT: Mum's, Outi Puro, Helsinki, Finland

Mini table en rotin. Hauteur ca. 50 cm de haut, diamètre 35 cm. Le rotin est un palmier à croissance rapide naturellement renouvelable et les produits en rotin sont durables et écologiques.

Heure de livraison: 1-2 semaines

Rattan mini table "Queen of good hearts". Height approx 50 cm high, diameter 35 cm. This table is a unique design piece of the Finnish brand MUM's. Made to order, individually for you with respect for ethical working conditions and sustainable production by Indian women and men: Men collect the bamboo and women are responsible for finishing the tables.

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm tree that grows in forests in Africa and Asia. Rattan grows rapidly or over two (2) centimetres per day. Rattan can be harvested within two years, whereas some hardwoods take up to 20-30 years. This makes rattan an absolutely sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Outi Puro is an artist and designer, mother of four children, mum of MUM's from Finland. Her art projects took her to Africa in 2006. After the trip, unique works of art, Finnish design combined with ethical production, were presented at exhibitions in Finland and kindly honoured.

Since then, Mum's has grown into a sustainable design company employing 40-50 women and men. Wool rugs, wall hangings, cushion covers and blankets are ethically handmade in South Africa, Cambodia, Bolivia and India - Nordic design meets signature handmade items. 

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