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Nœud papillon de écorce de bouleau

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OFFRANT: Reeta Nagel, Frauenfeld, Suisse

Matière 100% écorce de bouleau
Largeur de nœud papillon ca 8 cm
Longueur de la collier 35 cm

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Heure de livraison: 2-3 Tage
Birch bark bowtie from the Finnish brand TUOHI DESIGN. Birch bark is a safe, natural and non-toxic choice for children's festive accessories. The accessories made of birch bark are treated with vegetable oil which gives them a silky surface. The collar material of the bowtie is a soft adjustable rubber band. The width of the bowtie is about 8 cm and the length of the collar is 35 cm. The bowtie made of birch bark is suitable for children from 2 years. The product was handmade in Finland.

The best processors of birch bark products have always come from North Karelia, Finland. From this tradition the company TUOHI DESIGN was born, where birch bark is viewed with new, fresh eyes and completely new products are created. Birchbark as a material is versatile. No dyes are used in birch bark products; rather, the colour of the birch bark determines the colour of the final product, making each product unique.

The birch bark at TUOHI DESIGN comes from a certified Finnish forest.


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